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For construction sites, crowd control and barriers, etc, temporary security fencing can give you peace of mind as it reduces the chance of theft and more importantly provides safety to workers and the general public. Dry hire or erect and dismantle available. For more information please contact us.



Supplying scaffolding for hire with an erect and dismantle service - anywhere you have access and/or edge protection problems, it is better to be safe than sorry - ask the experts at Master Scaffolding. We specialise in complete temporary access solutions; Design, Labour, Scaffolding Sales and Hire, and Consultancy. Safety is our number one concern. For more information please click here.


SAFETY NETS (fall through protection)

In addition to our scaffolding service (for a working platforms and edge protection on the outside of the building), we also provide a ‘fall through protection” solution on the inside of the building in the form of safety nets.

The nets are installed once the wall framing has been stood up, to provide fall protection for the installation of the roof trusses and roof cladding.

The advantages of safety nets over other products are: No waste, the nets are not used once and then thrown away like some other fall protection products, they are simply installed and taken away once the roof is installed. Better for you, better for the environment! No awkward installation, some systems are not so straight forward to install and can be obstructive later in the build as a portion of the product cannot be removed once the trusses are installed.

Time saving, our qualified installers fit and remove the nets, allowing your builder to carry on with his work. So be smart and safe! Give us a call when you need fall through protection.

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